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IZOOMI creates handmade felt products.
Warm and comfortable wool dyed in various color, to me, is like a fruitful gifts from the sun. They make me warm, comfortable and happy.
Wool is such a free material that we can felt and shape it into almost any form, and into any color. I cherish its freedom.
IZOOMI's products are sometimes modern, sometimes funky. I hope you feel happy and have a lot of fun when you have IZOOMI items with you!

<major exhibition, shops>
Matsuya (Ginza)
Ebisu Mitsukoshi
Spiral Market (Aoyama)
Gallery MITATE (Roppongi)
Galley Yui (Kyoto)
Blue and WHite (Azabu Juban)
Donovan (Matsuyama, Ehime)
Craft fair Matsumoto (Matsumoto, Nagano)
Kobo kara no Kaze (Ichikawa, Chiba)
Spiral Independent Creators Festival (Aoyama)
Ozone craft market (Shinjuku)